Happenings by Kambria wants to make an impact in our community one client, partner, event, social post and fundraiser at a time.


Happenings by Kambria is driven by honesty, integrity, fun, innovation and community involvement.


Happenings by Kambria is a dream born from a girl who has had the opportunity to discover her passion for event planning at an early age and has spent years learning and growing in these areas. With experience, training and education Kambria Sims opened the doors to her new business in event planning and social media marketing!

Happenings by Kambria can coordinate your events including weddings, corporate events, nonprofit fundraisers and personal parties of any kind. As well as provide services to clients that would like to use social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, SnapChat and their website as a tool to achieve their marketing and business goals.

The goal of Happenings by Kambria is to become a trusted partner to clients and make their goals and dreams come to life. Happenings by Kambria will achieve this by selecting clients that want to work with a partner instead of a vendor. This important distinction is Happenings by Kambria key to success.

Thank you for your interest in Happenings by Kambria. It is with great joy that Kambria begins this new journey.  Through Happenings by Kambria, Kambria hopes to positively impact the Tampa Bay community one client, partner, event, social post and fundraiser at a time!

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